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    (General Availability November 2018 )

  • FAQ

    If you can not find an answer to your question here, please ask us via live chat.

    How much does it Cost?

    Doc.Run has a FREE account with sharing features disabled. However, 1 document set can be shared for 14 days so you can experience how sharing works, and what your documentation will look like once published as shareable.)

    Our Paid Accounts are $5 per month per active shared document set, no limit on users that can access the document site.


    In summary, if you use just for yourself and are using our dashboard to access your live documentation you do not have to pay anything

    What is a sharable document set?

    When you create a document set it can only be used and previewed via our dashboard until you share it. Once you share it you will be given a url that you can freely distribute to anyone, and they will be able to access your document set live from anywhere and if they login to your document set they will be able to make test API calls with the API keys you have provisioned for them.

    In my Dashboard Settings, I see some product features that are not active

    This is correct, Try.Run is one of the new range of .Run Products that are being or have been released by Instant API Inc, if you have any of these other products active you will see them enabled and your main dashboard menu will had more options relating to those products. To learn more about Instant API Inc, and the .Run Products that are released or in Early Access please check the links in the footer of this site, or click this link